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Fall RevGroups:

Will begin in January and Leader Training begins in December.

“Rev Groups” (our version of small groups) are one way that we "do life together" at Revolution. We believe that church doesn't really begin until the service is over. We want to love, support, challenge and encourage each other every day, not just on Sunday mornings. These groups help make that happen. Rev Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, gymnasiums, and countless other venues in McKinney and surrounding areas.

    We are endeavoring to build community outside of the traditional Sunday service. True church is found by those who build relationships with others. It’s found in the Bible studies, and the sushi-making; in the board games and the prayer meetings. It's found in the laughter, the crying and the connection. This is true church!

How Revolution Groups Work:

    1. Free Market Groups:
        Our groups are as varied as we are; group leaders use their gifts and passions to create groups that allow others to join with them in learning and serving God. Whatever the age, interest, or location there is a group that is just right for you.

    2. Three Semesters:
         New groups start and stop three times a year. Our next semester will begin the month of January

    3. Becoming a Leader:
        We believe that everyone has areas of strength and gifting that could benefit others. The first step in becoming a Rev Group leader is to attend the Rev Group Leader Training. These classes are offered throughout the year to give you an overview of what it takes to start a group. You'll discover that it's easier than you think.

Why RevGroups?

Our version of small groups are one way that we "do life together" at Revolution. We believe that church doesn't really begin until the service is over. We want to love, support, challenge & encourage each other every day, not just on Sunday mornings. These groups help make that happen.

RevGroup options:

  • Rising Son Martial Arts:

    Mondays & Thursdays at 5:00PM

    Open to Kids, Youth & Adults

    Rising Son Martial Arts classes are an outreach of Revolution Church. This Group will meet twice a week on Monday and Thursdays. Each class is personally instructed by Master Randy Points and are available for ages 5 and up. Cost is only $20 a month! Registration cost $95 and includes your first months dues, AKA yearly dues, Uniform, T-Shirt, sparring gear, bag and more...everything you need to start kicking the devil's butt!

  • Revolution Student Ministries: (6th-12th Grade)

    Wednesdays at 6:30PM

    Open to Students 6th-12th grade. 

    Join other students 6th-12th grade for age appropriate messages that will make a real impact in your life. Worship, food, tons of events and activities, and lots of opportunities to have fun and connect. Jr. High and Sr. High students worship together but then split up for the message and small group time. 

  • Ballin' for Christ:

    Wednesdays at 7:00PM

    Open to Everyone

    Childcare Provided

    This group will have a short discussion each week on scripture, and then focus on playing basketball! Is there any better combination than Bible and Basketball? Of course not!

  • Voltage Men:

    Mondays at 7:00PM

    Open to Men

    Childcare Provided

    This men’s group will focus on helping you grow spiritually wherever you are in your walk with Christ. The curriculum will be customized based on interests and needs of the group and a new topic will be discussed weekly. Throughout the series we will stay focused on growth, fellowship, developing valuable friendships, and serving others.

  • Bacon, Eggs, & Bible Study:

    First Saturday of each month at 7:30am

    Open to Men

    This group meets once a month for a great breakfast and some awesome Bible study discussion and encouragement. 

  • 45 Alive:

    Group Meets Monthly

    Open to Anyone 45 or older

    Come and connect with some amazing people and make some new, LIFE-LONG friends at Revolution Church. The 45 Alive Group is a lively group of believers that get together to fellowship and do life with one another.

  • Growth Track:


    Open to Everyone

    Childcare and Lunch Provided

    If you are new to Revolution Church or have never been through the Growth Track, we encourage you to join us for this 4 week course, that will get you connected into the vision and mission of Revolution Church. This course will get you connected to the staff of the church, help you discover your spiritual gifts, and guide you towards finding your spot on the Dream Team. 

  • Every1: Foster & Adoption Ministry

    Begins January

    Open to Everyone

    Childcare Provided

    From the moment a child enters our life, parenting is a tough job. It's even harder when a child is struggling with difficult behaviors--defiance, rejection, running away, drug addiction, sexual misconduct, criminal activity, attachment issues, rage, and beyond. Parenting a child in crisis leaves parents worn out from exhaustion, frustration and fear.

    God doesn't leave us, even in the midst of our fears, failures, and fatigue. In this class for foster and adoptive parents, you will be encouraged and challenged as a battle-weary parent.

  • Young Adult Group:

    Beginning in January

    Open to Adults 18-30

    Childcare Provided

    This group will be for college students and young adults. We will have worship time through music, scripture as a large group, and then split into small groups.

  • Empowered to Connect: Parent Training

    Begins in January!

    Open to Parents

    Childcare Provided

    Empowered to Connect (ETC) Parent Training is an interactive learning experience designed specifically for adoptive and foster parents. The ETC Parent Training was developed by Michael & Amy Monroe and relies heavily on the Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) model developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and her colleagues at the Karyn Purvis TCU Institute of Child Development. Cost is $50.