Our Story

Our Story

Pastor Randy dreamed of planting a brand new life-giving church with a simple goal- to maximize the chances of seeing lost people find and follow God. 

Revolution Church has focused on reaching out to the non-churched and de-churched community by building relationships through small groups. The life-giving message of the Gospel, the passion and joy of Sunday services, and the simple style of the Church, all facilitate what we believe will be a Jesus Revolution! At Revolution Church we have a come as you are attitude. We invite you to see for yourself how exciting church can be when the focus is simple and people are free to pursue after God with passion! 

The vision for Revolution Church came to Randy & Amy in January of 2012. Immediately surrendering to the call on their lives, they began to raise support as missionaries to start this brand new life-giving church. In April of 2012, after much research and desire to discover where God would have them to plant this church, they visited McKinney, Texas where God revealed to them His desire for His work to be in this area. They immediately returned back to Ohio, saved up as much money as possible, sold their house, and on January 5, 2013 moved to McKinney! Their first goal was to begin to develop a launch team to help them launch Revolution Church. The first gathering they held was a Superbowl Party in February to get to know their neighbors. 37 people attended the party including an atheist that lived next door. This atheist would later become a follower of Jesus and be one of the first people baptized at Revolution Church. Each month they held launch team meetings in their house to try to find the right team to help them fulfill the vision that God had placed on their hearts for the city. 

Through the efforts of the Dream Team, Revolution Church officially launched in Eddin's Elementary School, on April 6, 2014 with 208 people in attendance! God has really blessed the efforts of those who have been obedient to give of their time, talents, and treasure to follow Him with their lives! On November 1, 2015, Revolution Church moved into a storefront building located at 2414 W. University Dr. in McKinney. 

On December 1, 2016 we acquired the kids space right next to us top have a fully functional kid's wing at Revolution Church!

On July 25, 2017 Revolution Church purchased a brand new building located at 2705 Virginia Parkway in McKinney. The building is 33,000sqft and includes a gym, amazing worship center, and lots of rooms for kids, teenagers and families to grow closer to Jesus. 

On January 2021 Revolution Church answered the call and vision God had been laying on their heart and started the process of opening another location in the Melissa/Anna area. In August 2021 Revolution Church began to have Interest Gatherings to launch the Revolution Manna campus in Fall of 2022

Since moving to McKinney, Revolution Church has seen over 1000 people make decisions to make Jesus their Lord, Leader, and CEO of their lives and over 400 people follow the Lord in Baptism. Revolution Church is planting another campus in the Spring of 2022 in Anna, TX. We are really excited to see what is in store for Revolution Church in the future. If there is one thing that we know for certain- “The Best is Yet to Come!” We invite you to be a part of the Dream Team of people who are "REVOLUTIONIZING" this community!

Rene & Kim

Our first encounter with Revolution Church started about five years ago when we moved to McKinney and were in search of a new church home. After several attempts at finding a good fit for us, we stumbled upon a small church in a shopping strip and decided to attend. During our first visit, we were energized by the modern Christian music performed by the worship band and thoroughly enjoyed Pastor Randy’s enthusiastic delivery of God’s Word in an easy to understand manner that is applicable to today’s daily challenges.

Since then, Revolution Church has grown exponentially into its own building with several hundred members. My wife Kim and I currently serve on the Campus Host Team that welcomes members and new and returning guests. We like that many opportunities are provided for members to use their spiritual gifts for God by serving during a worship service on Sunday morning or by serving the community on a First Saturday Serve Day.

With all that said, prepare yourselves for a high energy, engaged congregation, modern music, welcoming volunteers, vibrating walls, casual dress, great supportive staff members, and an unpretentious, accessible Pastor keeping you engaged in God’s  message through his energetic delivery.

Why do I go to Revolution Church?  If you have not guessed by now,  I need a church that energizes me, offers Bible-based teachings, lets me come as I am, treats all  people equally as creations of God, and  provides a free snack and coffee to enjoy during the service. We are eager to greet you in the welcome  center!

Andrew & Michelle

Before coming to Revolution Church I did not believe in God.  I had regularly attended bible studies and other churches in the past, but I had no idea what it meant to have a relationship with God, and it showed.  It wouldn’t have been a stretch to say that I was a Sunday-only Christian. Honestly, I wasn’t proud of the life I was living throughout the week. 

I do not default to trust in my life, so upon entering Revolution Church, I was extremely skeptical and hesitant.  I was ready for it to be yet another place that wasn’t right for me.

The worship immediately overwhelmed me with its beauty and intensity. Those around me seemed to know what it was like to know all that God had to offer them.  I was moved to tears--authentic, sorrowful tears of shame and regret for the life that I had been living.  Within a short time, I realized that baptism was right for me, and I was ready to start actually learning what it was like to listen to God’s Word and take steps away from my natural human instincts of lust, jealousy, anger, and greed.  I was ready for guidance and Pastor Randy has absolutely been my faith mentor.  His sermons cut deeply into our lives, revealing truths about our human nature.  What I appreciate most about his sermons is that they are actionable.  You leave feeling like you know what’s next for your life. I felt like I could make a change TODAY.

I don’t think that I could do my job as a teacher, wife, and mother without Revolution Church pouring into me weekly.  My cup is filled up so that I can pour into those around me.  Instead of filling my free time with actions and activities that made me regretful and emotionally drained, Rev has given me a multitude of ways to serve others through organizations like the youth ministry, where I can use my unique gift of being able to reach young people.  They have an open invitation to service projects, where you can run or join a project to serve the community.  They have also provided me with one of the most invaluable pieces of my life: friendships--real, authentic friendships with people you feel comfortable putting on your child’s Emergency Contact form at the pediatrician’s office--people who would drop everything to support you in life’s trials.  

 This church community has done so much for my life that I feel compelled to help others see what they are missing. I ask myself daily: How can I bring other people to know God the way that I am learning to know him? How can I guide others to find the amazing blessings that have been bestowed upon me, because of my newfound relationship with Jesus? If only I could give others a highlight reel of my new life in Christ and show them how far I’ve come with the love and support of my church family.  Thank you Revolution Church.


When I think about the impact that Revolution Church has made on my life, I think back to the season of life I was in when I first sat in the seats here. I was questioning if God was even real, I sat in the seats with judgmental thoughts and had a pretty hardened heart. However, the people at Rev are genuine, real, and relatable. When I walked through the doors, I felt a sense of community, where people actually care about you and want to know you more. Coming from a megachurch, this was so important to me. In addition, Randy brings the word to life in a way that I can comprehend and apply to my life in that moment. I am so thankful for the leadership at Rev, that deeply wants each person to take their next steps and encounter God’s fullness in their life. To me, that is so critical as it can become so easy to stand complacent while the believers around you are living an abundant life of surrender. Looking back over the last year, I have gone all in at this church because my relationship with God and my relationship with the body of Christ has grown immensely through serving on Sundays and connecting with people in Rev Groups. I found a community that motivates, prays and supports me through life, and there is nothing more I could ask for than that.